A little insight

To me it is just our way of life. Far, far away I try to keep my family and friends updated on the "little" things that keep our lives exciting.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


OK, so it just kind of hit me like a ton of bricks. I was checking my email and I got on e from the school to "all parents of junior and senior students" The rep from Jostens will be here to order class rings and letterman jackets. Are you serious? I keep saying "WOW!! I cant believe he is already a junior!" Well he really is....am I prepared for this? I thought I was, now I'm not so sure! I tried to upload a video, not sure if it worked or not. Seems like he has two emotions these days....super cranky or super happy. Happy is mainly when he wants something-like money!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Me and Corri were watching the Olympics last night and started talking about the athletes and the different games and just the Olympics in general. At the time we watching speed walking or something. The announcer came on and said next would be handball and she hadnt ever heard of that before. Then some other game came on, I have no idea what it was and I said it is probably made up. Corri looked at me with all seriousness and said "Yeah I think so". I just looked at her and giggled-arent all games made up? So anyway they were flashed over to water polo and she said "they are playing Marco Polo???"

Thats my girl!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Do you ever notice silly little things that people say that make absultley NO sense what so ever. Sometimes we just say things before we think and hope the other person either just didnt hear or that at the very least they just wont say anything.

I was walking out to the car last weekend and my neighbor was walking from his car back into his house. I really like these neighbors but we hardly ever see each other, so when we do we will talk for just a second. I saw him and said "Hey, how have you guys been?" He said they were fine, just doing the same old thing. We talked for a minute and I said "Well I never see you guys anymore." His response was "Well we are always either here or we are gone." Really?? Thanks for clafiying that for me. I just went oh, ok well I will talk to you later. Now you know I am usually pretty quick with my own tongue and I couldn't even say anything to we are here or we are gone.

Another lady that lived behind me was full of them. So much that I avoided her as much as possible. She was good to talk to if you needed to back into the house and talk about someone or just have a good laugh tho. I know that's kind of mean right? Right off the bat when I met her she told me she hated it here as soon as they got off the plane and she was so depressed that she had gained 70 pounds in two months!! WOW!!! That is depressed, or you just make crap up, or there is something wrong with you! They left last month (thank goodness!) and she was telling me about their van in storage that they were going to pick up. They have 4 kids and his dad also lives with them. They are going to Texas, I think near ElPaso. The van is in storage in California so she was telling me about picking up the van in CA and driving to TX. They will deliver your vehicle to the nearest port of your next duty station so there is no reason to drive half way across the country for no reason. But miss brainiack told me that it is the same distance from CA to ElPaso as it is from Dallas to ElPaso, so they might as well just pick it up in CA. Alrighty then...but I know that after we leave here and we havent been in a car for longer than an hour for 3 or 4 years, I WILL NOT be driving to pick up our car in staroge. Oh wait....it's not my car is it? :)

Saturday I was at the base beauty shop getting my eyebrows waxed and there is one girl that works in there who is quite obvisouly from the south. So while I am laying there I can hear her talking to her customer. They werent talking about anything interesting she just happened to be the loudest person talking and I could hear her. They were talking about weddings. She was telling her customer that when her and her husband got married they went to visit family (I think they got married just before coming over here) They got married in TX near his family then went down to Arkansas to see her family. I am by no means a geography bee winner, but I do know that you dont go DOWN to Arkansas from Texas.

Then there are things that 75% of the population say and everybody just accepts to the point that nobody even realizes that it is not correct. My brother was nice enought to point this word out to me about 10 years ago and it still drives me crazy. Have you noticed how people say hisself all the time? HiSself....pretty sure its not a word, that would be hiMself. Now you will notice people say that daily. So thanks big brother for pointing hisself out to me!

I'm not crancky by the way. I just dont like stupid people.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Caught smokin'

Ok, so get this!! I was giving Cheara and Landon a shower when something crazy happened. Well, not really..... It takes forever for our shower water to get hot so I turned on Landon's water then went to the other bathroom to turn on Cheara's. When I came back to Landon he had already taken his clothes off and got in the shower. He was standing in the corner of the shower to stay out of the water and when I walked in he said "Momma the water is smokin!!" I looked in the shower and it was so hot that the water was steaming. Dont worry, he didnt get hurt, and I really didnt think he was going to get in the shower that quickly. I started laughing when he said that and he had this look on his face, like what is so funny? He put his hands in the air and said "Seriously!!!"

Friday, June 27, 2008

In the rain

Cowboy Landon in the rain

We went to Hawaii the end of April for a week and it was awsome!! I will try to blog about that a little later. The only thing Landon wanted was a pair of cowboy boots. Do you know how hard it is to find cowboy boots in Hawaii, I dont think there are to many cowboys there. We found a western store in the mall and that was the only place we could find boots so we had to get them there. We found him a hat and a belt to go with it. He is to freakin cute when he wears it. He wears the boots and the hat all the time and you have to call him cowboy Landon. So the other day he had it on and was going to go outside when he realized it was raining so he took an umbrella with him and just stood there for several minutes before he decided to come back in.

A few things

So school is out, pretty much. We got a letter in the mail a couple of weeks before school was out saying Congratulations! your daughter Corrial has been accepted to the summer enrichment program. HMMM...I dont remember signing up for that but now she has something to do YEAH!!! I think her dad signed her up. Now why on earth did I NOT sign Cheara up? If anybody needs to get out of my hair and have something to do for the summer it would be Cheara....never fear, Mom is here. I called up there and they had one spot left!! Hip hip hooray!!! So they go Monday-Friday 9-12. It is four weeks long and really just keeps them reading and keeps their math skills sharp. So far they are having fun. Neither one of them knew anybody in their class, but thats ok now they can meet new people.

Here is something that really gets my goat. Corri has a friend who lives just around the corner. She called her the other day to see if she could bowling and told her that Dustin would drive them up there. Isnt this fairly black and white? Two teenage girls want to go bowling on base for a couple of hours. This one simple question turned into a two hour discusion and caused my phone to ring about 20 times. This girls parents have to both say yes,(meaning she is going to call her dad at work just to ask if she can go bowling????) She could not ride with Dustin, she couldnt spend the night either because Corri has an older brother and her parents saw Juno! WHAT?!?!?! I saw Juno also and the girl did not get pregnant from her friends brother after she spent the night, I have NO idea what one had to do with the other. Anyway back to bowling....now if we were in a city or even a town, I could understand them not wanting her to ride with another teenager, but we are on base, they are going less than 2 miles and the fastest they can go is 50 KPH... kilometers people!!!! They really pissed me off. This is only the begining of that whole thing but I wont go into all of the ridiculous things this poor girl had to go thru just to go bowling, like having to get off the phone and apologize like crazy because she was rude when she asked a question. So I ended up giving them a ride AFTER her mom met me. The next day Corri called her to ask if she could walk up to Burger King and they could go have lunch. OMG this set off a whole other whirlwind of events. Her mom said that her dad would not be happy about her walking that far...Yes it is like a whole mile, we let Cheara walk there with Corri before. You only cross one road and you cross at a stoplight, and it is sidewalk the entire way what is the big deal????? Then she called back and asked who was buying, I heard Corri say "who's buying??? your buying your own, i'm not buying it!!" So after they hung up from that call, this girl had to call back after she talked to her parents again, I told Corri to forget it and find something else to do. So she called homegirl back and told her never mind she was going to the pool. These are not life decisions we are making here. It is summer, they have free passes to go bowling make a freakin decision for crying out loud!!! BTW, I gave them a ride to the bowling alley, her mom was home and she was the one with the issue, so why didnt she take them, she didnt even offer!

K I feel better now that I got that off my chest.

I was grilling ribs the other day and went in to answer the phone, I figured it was spouse since he is gone again and I knew he was calling me back. It was, so I stood in the kitchen and talked to him for about 3-4 minutes. Well...I forgot to turn down the flames on the grill so they were still a little high from when I turned it on. Now we were going to have flame-grilled ribs......IF the fire would go out. I had a BIG fire going. I turned the burners off and the gas off and figured it would burn itself out, not so much. At first I told Corri to just grab a little cup of water but when I got over there I could see flames shooting out the back, that is when I decided a cup of water was not going to do it and I would just turn everything off. So after several minutes of watching it burn (I didnt even open the lid cause I didnt feel like having my eyebrows singed off at that particular moment) and wondering if it was ever going to go out and what we were going to eat for dinner other than the rice I had made for a side, my neighbor was just coming home from work and he walked over and asked if I was ok. I said yes I was fine, just waiting for the fire to go out. He was like uh I dont think its going to go out, you have a grease fire. So he opened it and took it off the grill, by this time it was pretty much just bones but the ones on the other side of the grill were ok. This has been my excitment WHOOPIE right? A pretty typical day, there was actually three things that tickled my fancy but I cannot remeber what the other thing was. It wasnt about school it was something that Cheara said that totally craked me up and now I forgot.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Still Around

So five months later here we are. Still living the Okinawa life. Not to much has changed. Cheara has lost her first tooth, and second,third and fourth by now. She was less than thrilled with what the tooth fairy brought. She brought her a couple of dollars and a little bit of yen. Maybe she didnt know if Cheara was Japanese or American....well just let me say that Cheara was not impressed!

We had a visitor!!!! My dad came to visit in November. Will this be our only visitor? HMMMMM only time will tell..... While he was here visiting Landon had a modeling job that we had to turn down. It was for a stroller add and we would have gone off island. It sounded like a blast for the sole purpose of getting off island! They were even going to let Dad go, but after thinking about it a little we decided it was best to stay here and spend as much time together as possible. We had a lot of fun in the week that he was here visiting. The kids were in school the whole time so we did some sight seeing while they were in school and tried to do stuff with them in the evenings.

Now to catch you up on our other fun adventures. I will try to do that within the next five months! Until then...... Happy Valentines Day, Easter, Birthday, Mothers Day and anything else I may have missed. And why not just throw in Happy Fathers Day while I'm at it?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Remember us?

I know everyone probably thinks that I have given up on blogging, but rest assured I have not. Now that it has been three months, there is so much to catch up on. We have been through loosing first teeth, lost jobs, visitors and Christmas. I will be updating soon. We are all doing well and I will try to get you all caught up b weeks end. I have added some new picture to "my picture", but that is as far as I have gone. Update is coming soon!! I know you are just on the edge of your seat.